'Monsters' - 11 Second Club project

Having the 11 Second Club monthly competition as a template for this project, I used the soundbite it had provided at the start of February, to create an 11 second long lip sync animation.

The following two 360° turnarounds, are of the characters featured in my final animation.



Untitled_Artwork (1)jester.jpg

In the animation itself, I wanted to come up with a short scene wherein a 'Kingpin' character, and a henchman-type character, were experiencing some sort of power struggle. These characters are set in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world and I tried to come up with designs that reflected the gnarliness of this type of environment.

As my henchman character is depicted as a Jester, I tried to have both characters' designs fit in with the slightly medieval theme, and was influenced by the way that skeletons are depicted in the illustration from that period